A- hello (name) how are you? B- i am prefect . A- hey! how do you spent your free time ? B- Ammm! By the way i read youth story books , watch fantasy and dramatic movies some times i play my guitar and invent new tunes . A- so , you never got bored . in my free time i always think that whhat to do ? But sometimes i suppose to visit pparks and enjoy on swings . B- but you can also watch channels like discovery history tv 18 , TLC etc . by this your knowledge also increase . A- okkk! Thanks (name) for advice . from now i will go on your advice.
very much thank you i m tushar
Hi Arnisha! Thanks for giving us such a great idea and also i thank tushar for asking such an interesting question...I am Ashee
(Talking on the phone) 1- I am bored, can you come to my house to play with me??2-No I cant. 1- Then what should I do?? and its raining also. 2-Oh! You I have an idea. 1-What idea? 2- You can make paper boats and float them in water and you can also make on paper boat, paint it, write your name and the city where you live and decorate it and float in in any pond near your house. Someone will find it and will reach till you... 1-That seems to be interesting. Thanks friend for giving this spectacular advice to me. Bye!! 2-Bye friend and enjoy!!
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