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      Water pollution is adding harmful chemicals, waste from industries and houses, drainages in to water bodies.  Throwing non-biodegradable materials like plastic and other contaminants.  In fact the natural dissolution of carbon or other gases from air in water is also contamination.  Earthquakes, acid rains, algae blooms, cyclones, tsunamis, lava from volcanoes can cause water pollution too.

    Ponds, canals, rivers, groundwater, seas and oceans are the water bodies we are talking about.   We have many water bodies around us that give us water for drinking and for other purposes.   We need pure water to quench our thirst and stay healthy.

   We are probably polluting even the clouds through the atmospheric pollution from various greenhouse gases and other gases.   Media often reports that people in a village suffer due to contamination of water in that area though industrial effluents.

   It seems lakhs of people die annually due to water pollution.  In China, India, Africa water pollution is a problem.  There is even a Hollywood film on water pollution in USA.

   Due to water pollution, many animals and fish die.   Fishermen face livelihood problems.  People eating them could get diseases.   We have to remove before any harmful intoxicants from chemicals that are mixed into the water bodies.  There are pollution boards in each state to control pollution.  It is essential to use a water filter or boil water before drinking.
         I say No to Water Pollution !  I request you say once,  "No Water Pollution! "

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