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                               My Family

     There are three persons in my family.  Myself, my father and my mother.  Of course, there are my grandfather, grandmother, uncles, and cousins too in my family.  I like my family.  Those who are elder to me talk to me nicely in general.  Those who are of my age are generally friendly and cooperative with me.  Some times we fight for shared things like TV, cycle, gifts and so on.  It is interesting to fight some times to win an argument among the members at the dinner table and in the living room.  But in general at home we are silently doing our work and speak only when necessary.

     I am Rohit and I am 10 years old.  My father has a business in the capital and has a big car too.  My mother makes food and beverages in the kitchen for all of us.  My father helps her some times and cooks food whenever it is necessary.  My mother works in an International organization.  She made us follow punctuality and discipline.  Often we like to break them.  Usually on weekends we go on shopping groceries and to the garden beside the lake not far away for enjoying fresh and cool air.  We play badminton and Carroms all of us together.  On weekends we clean our rooms and house together.

     I go to school early in the morning and return early in the afternoon.  Then I eat the snacks my mother keeps on the dining table and do homework myself.  In the evening my parents discuss with me my school matters.  Sometimes, my mother sings a song to me at bedtime and then I sleep nicely.

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