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Dear diary ,                  23/9/2015

   I visited an old age home today.  It is in a nice calm place , a little distance away from the city.  It is not very easy to go there without having one's own transport.

   I went there to visit a person I knew quite some time ago.  He was a distant relative.  I noticed that the home is nicely managed.  It appeared quite clean on the floors and the walls were nicely whitewashed.  I liked  that as such a clean environment is good for the old people's health.
   I asked for the person, and I was taken to his room.  There were four old people in that room.  They were around 70 yrs old.  They appeared to be happy and inquisitive about me.  I greeted my old man.  He smiled back.  There was chair which I pulled towards his bed and sat near him. 

   I inquired how he was doing and how the old age home is.  He was happy there.  The food, shelter, bed are all alright.  Food is specially made for old so that is easily digested.  Regularly a nurse comes to check the health.  He and his friends there spend a lot of time together.  The watch not much of TV.  But they try to walk in the lawns and garden a bit.  They talk nice things to each other.  They help each other a bit in terms of consoling one another, massaging one's muscles when they are strained.

He was having a sad feeling that he was not with his close relatives.  However, he was not unhappy at all.  He uses the cell phone now and then.  He is happy to receive some communication now and then from his old friends.

   The staff was sincere and I was happy about that.  It is good that there are human values in us to care for our elders with love.  I was filled with satisfaction in my heart.
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