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       Media means the medium through which we learn and exchange news and information.  Many people start their day with a cup of coffee and the media.  Media include newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and the latest being the Internet on computers and on mobile phones.

    Networking here means interaction with friends, relatives and colleagues world over.  Social media and networking sites like facebook, linkedin, youtube, whatsapp, messenger sites etc. allow people to quickly exchange information, express their feelings, and convey greetings, just at a few clicks

     In democracy media and networking protect the interests of people.  Some politicians, rich and people at high positions fear media now, due to the risk of exposure of crimes and scams.

     But there have been some negative sides too to the social networking and media.  Internet security measures and virus protection are necessary.  Some times media much ado for nothing.  Some times people trap and cheat with fake identities.  Often children and adults as well, spend too much time on social networking sites.   It is an additional expenditure to the parents.  Children could be wasting their time on unnecessary stuff.  Due to freedom of browsing, children may look into undesired sites.  Internet based virus attacks etc. are also a threat.  Media makes news for every small and big thing.  The news consists of what may interest us and what does not interest us.  Often media has news and articles about something we do not care much.  People are often annoyed with the advertisements and publicity which boast very highly of their products and services.
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