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Mobile phone is one of the modern electronic gadgets which helps us in many ways.  Nowadays we are keep it always near ourselves.

The advantages are many.  It helps us to quickly communicate wit hour near and dear.   Children are able to move around and travel without too much of fear.  They can get advices from their parents.  The fear and anxiety of parents is reduced as they can talk to their children as often as they want.

Cell phone are making buying and selling simpler.  They are making transactions with banks and other organizations simpler.  Emails and Internet web are available for many.  So they are able to interact socially with networking sites.  Cell phones enable working persons to be in touch with their colleagues and authorities. This eliminates a lot of issues and accelerates their work and business.

Cell phones have created a lot of business and have created employment opportunities.  Cell phones have enabled children to quickly march in to technologies.  They enjoy more with the phones and games etc.  From government agencies, one can get phone calls in case of any correspondence.  This reduces delays and hiccups.

Disadvantages are that  there is electromagnetic radiation from cell phones that is harmful to the brain of animals and human beings.  Cell phones often become a distraction to one when one does not want any.   Cell phone have become targets for people who call from telemarketing agencies.  Cell phones are probably misused by miscreants to irritate people.  They are used even to trigger bombs.  The mobile phones are costly if they are used too much for Internet web surfing.  Parents have to pay bills.  Children may get addicted to them.  Cell phones if it is lost, possibly one feels as if he is lost for some days.  Cell phone viruses are also creating problem.  Also, fake cell phone business and betting business goes on a lot on cell phones.

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