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     I am a small parrot.  I have a name too "Lattu".   I live in a small cage hung in the house of little Pari and Rohit.   They love me.  They feed me regularly with small seeds and fruits.  I like them too.  Some times they take me to their rooms, introduce me to their friends.  They allow me to fly around in their rooms.  Outside in the veranda, I stay in the cage.  I fear cats and dogs.

   I am yellowish green in color.  When I fly I make creeky and whistle sounds.  I can make imitations of some people too.  On my head I have a projection that's like a hat.  Pari and Rohit said that I look so beautiful.  I try to keep my cage clean.  I dont dirty it.  I am active all the time.  I keep a watch on the house too.

   I was very small when Pari brought me to this home from the city shop.  I grew up in this house.  When I was small the children used to put their fingers through inside the cage.  I used to bite them.  They were scared.  I was happy to put them away.  Sometimes I travelled  in their car to outdoor picnics.  Then they took me to some trees and kept me there.  I saw that there were so many birds making so much of noise.  They were inviting me to plat with them.  I tried to come out of the cage without success. 

    Now I am used to this caged life.  I am unable to sing as beautifully and as naturally as I could.  I like to fly high and above the trees from East to West and South to North.  I want to drink water from pond, sit on the cow, sleep on the tree.  I want to make my own nest with hay sticks.  At least if I could speak  I would like tell Rohit that i want a companion and a natural nest.

   Right early in the morning I wake every one up, but hardly any one said thanks to me.  I give joy to them.  However I stay unhappy.  I have got accustomed to my life.

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