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by slow driving our vehicle,maintaining steady speed and avoiding jack-rabbit starts and avoiding hard breaking.this will reduce the usage of European study found that hard breaking and rapid acceleration from stoplights saves 1 minute to every half an hour of travelling but this results in 37% jump in fuel conservation.
2.avoid unnecessary idling:-
by not keeping oue vehicle idle for more than 30 seconds because shutting off and restarting the engine less fuel than keeping the vehicle running.
3.turning off:-
by shutting of and unplugging all the power sucking accessories such as phone charger ,radio etc.this reduces the load for the engine and this will use less gas the next time you start the vehicle. encouraging car pooling:-
by car pooling also we can save carpooling more than one person is sharing one car  to travel.this way we can save fuel and also reduce vehicles on the road.
5.turn off refrigerators:-
the refrigerators consume about 20% of house hold electricity.we should make sure that the energy saver switch is on.
6.turn down thermostat:-
by turning down thermostat at night or when we are away from home for more than 4 hours but we should not turn off the heating system entirely as this may cause the pipes to freeze.
7.cover the utensils:-
by covering the qater we boil or the food we cook,it will take less time to cook and so it will use less energy.
8.avoid opening the oven frequentle:-
we should not open the oven very frequently to check the food is ready or not as this allows the heat to escape and requirs more energy to do the job.instead we can set a timer to know when the food is ready.
9.keep the refrigerator door closed:-
everytime we open a refrigerator,1/4 of the cold air inside it leaks.we should stop making unnecessary trips to the fridge. the right size:-
determine the household needs before buying a refrigerator or freezer as if we have the one that is too large than it also consumes huge power ans waste fuel.
11.stay away from direct heat:-
keep the refrigerator away from direct sunlight or heat of the oven as the heat may cause the unit to use more energy to stay cool.
12.avoid uphill speed increase:-
we should not increase the speed while climbing the hill as the engine is already working very hard to overcome the gravity of the earth to climb the hill.if we do so than it'll need more fuel and this will waste the fuel.
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