To me Childhood is a stage like “Ignorance is bliss” and where you aren’t exposed enough to the harsh realities. The world appears to be a very good place.

When we reach adulthood, like it was said, all this innocence gets lost and we get to face a harsh and a stern test with reality.

Then you reach a stage of saturation where you get to feel that you can get the good things out of life and ignore the bad. So this feeling can again drive us back to childhood days, the difference is that we have attained an understanding. So we would start to cherish those lighter moments and ignore the bad ones.

In the old Tamil movie “Babu” there is a song which pictures the goodness of being a Child. The last stanza of the song goes Thus:-

Poopondra nenginilum Mullirikkum Boomiyada
Pooladha Ulagamada poonnagaiyum Veshamada
Nandri ketta naigalada Naan arintha Padamada
Pillaiyai Irunduvittal Illai oru Thunbamada!!!!!!!.........

Nobody can remain a child throughout his life. I know it’s not possible to go back into your sweet childhood days again, but you can definitely cheer your life with those lovely memories. Let us cherish our Childhood memories and seek the grace of Bhagawan from now on, Love the work we do, and enjoy doing all our activities for attaining bliss.

Childhood is the rosy days of a man's life...
It is a time when we learn many things and enjoy life..
 Childhood is  a phase of life which gave me vivid and beautiful memories and remembering it will always make me happy.