Water cycle is also known as the hydrological cycle.It is important as it provides our earth with precipitation. If evaporation does not take place or it is disturbed,precipitation and other natural things will not take place and the water lost by evaporation from seas and rivers will not be replenished.
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It is the one of the most important important component of the ecosystem.water cycle is imporatant as all the living things need water to sustain life and in this cycle the water from the river,seas and ocean are evaporated and then cooled in the atmosphere.this keeps the water level constant on the earth.without the water cycle the water can get exhausted.the water when evaported forms the cloud.a cloud contain millions of water droplets and when the cloud is filled with water than it comes down as rain to the whole world which get collected in the seas oceans rivers lake and other water bodies.they also get collected deep inside the earth.some water get evaporated again while some stays on the earth for human,plants and animals consumpation.
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