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1. When a number of smaller rivers join the main river,we call those as tributaries. 2. It may originate from glaciers,lakes or springs. 3. Generally,it doesn't change its course. 4. Tributaries add water to the main river. 5. For example,Yamuna is a tributary of Ganga.

 1. When the main river breaks up into smaller streams,we get distributaries. 2. It is formed from the main river. 3. It diverts from the main river in the delta region. 4. It takes away water from the main river. 5. They are numerous and do not have names. 
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TRIBUTARIES- they are small streames of water which originates from glacier and join together to form a river. this is in young course of river.
DISTRIBUTARIES- when the river breaks down into small streamlets or channels, they are called distributaries. this occurs in the old course of the river.
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