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UNITED NATIONS(UN)-united nations was formed in the wake of the terrible world war leaders specially those of the warring nations,were concerned about the future of the planet.they decided that the money spent on wars would be better spent on maintaining the world peace.their proposal was accepted by the rest of the world.the united nations organization was formed in USA on 24th October 1945.the charted of the UN was signed by the representatives of fifty,193 countries are member of the UN.UN has several agencies such as UNICEF(united nation's children's fund),UNESCO(united nations educational,scientific and cultural organization),WHO(world health organization) and FAO(food and agricultural organization).the UN has six organs which carry out its functions.they are :-
1.the general assemble
2.the security council
3.the economic and social council
4.the secretarial
5.the international court of justice
6.the trusteeship council (dissolved in 1994)
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