Scientist has classified living organisms in to 5 kingdom they are : 1.protist- this a micro organisms has cell membrane-bound nucleus and other organelles inside, separate from the rest of the cell contents. Most protista can move and generate there own food. 2.monera- a organism which doesn't have cell membrane that bound nucleus 3.fungi-Fungi include both single-celled (yeasts) and multicellular (molds, mushrooms etc.) organisms that are generally visible to the naked eye. Some are quite large. Fungal cells have nuclei; however, they don’t move on their own, nor do they make their own food. Most fungi get nutrients from decaying organic material. 4.animal's-multicellular organisms and must obtain nutrients by consuming other organisms 5.plantae-Plantae includes the plants: living things that don’t move, and that produce their own food through photosynthesis. Plants are multicellular, composed of eukaryotic cells. Plants are generally green, visible to the naked eye, and found in great diversity in many environments on Earth