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Friends, my topic for today's ASL is the most relevant for all of us in today's world.

   Invention is the activity of investigating and finding a new method or a new device, or a new principle or concept or law that governs physical quantities.  An invention introduces us to a new thing.  A Discovery finds something which is already there, but we have not known about it.

   Great scientists like Newton, TA Edison, Chandra Shekhar,  JC Bose, CV Raman, Eintstein, Archmedis, Pascal, Bernouli, Arya Bhatta, Curie, B Gates, Thomson are all great inventors. The invention of semiconductor transistor device by Bardeen and Brattain and William Schockley has lead to the most sophisticated computers, laptops, cell phones, calculators etc.  Every use of electronic device owes them.

   An inventor is creative, objective, has analytical skill, ability to correct own faults and ability to work by one self.  We must learn to study logically and deeply on the subject.  Inventors dedicate their lives to their field and to the good of mankind. Inventors earn a lot of money too and become famous.

   So friends, inventors are inspirations for us.  We must learn to think like they did and solve real life problems.  We need to be scientific, rational, objective, and dedicated.

  Inventors do the same thing in a different way. They don't do different things.

I want to be  a great inventor and invent a great stuff !  Would you also?
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