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Man is a killer of our Nature.  Surely he is. 

   Since ancient times mother nature has been giving a good shelter to the human beings.  The nature has provided good natural resources for all people.  Nature has fed people without fail.   As the time progressed humans learned to extract fibre from plants and made clothes.  Further learned to cook using nature given energies.

  The nature is what exists already on Earth and in the Universe without explicit intervention by humans.  Industrial revolution changed the entire world.  Industrial pollution, vehicular pollution have caused global warming.  They are destroying ozone layer.  Humans stands aside from Nature and exploits it.

    Ever growing population is degenerating the Nature.  Natural resources are depleted.  Chemicals are mixed into water bodies.  Many innocent animals and dish die.  The atmosphere gets depleted of oxygen.  Humans cut trees to do business and does not take enough pains to replant trees.

   Human beings have grown too selfish in achieving their own needs and not bothering about the ecosystem balance.  We have spoilt our rain system.  Nowadays rains do not fall on time.  We have also caused famines indirectly by our development.  We have used non eco-friendly materials and non recyclable materials.  We have caused extinction of many species causing concern to biodiversity.  We must use energy efficient processes and machines.  We must use more of renewable energy sources.

   It is necessary to be aware of nature, its beauty and our duty to conserve nature and its constituents as carefully as possible.  While it is a noble thought and not perhaps not so practical as of now, we must keep it always at the back of our mind to live in harmony with Nature.
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