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      Media means the medium through which we learn and exchange news and information.  Media is the intermediary between people and celebrities, politicians, sports,  corporate and filmy worlds.    Media include newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and the latest being the internet on computers and on mobile phones.  Many people start their day with a cup of tea/coffee and a newspaper or news on radio and on TV.

     Networking means regular interaction with friends, relatives and colleagues world over.  It was difficult as people had to travel to meet in person or write letters or, talk on fixed phones, but with only some satisfaction.   Now, due to the internet technologies & mobile devices, media and networking have benefited a lot.

     Social media and networking sites like facebook, linkedin, youtube, whatsapp, messenger sites etc. allow people to quickly exchange important information, keep in touch, cheaply just on a few clicks.    Media and networking have changed people's lives.

     Some politicians, rich and people at high positions now fear the risk of exposures of crimes and scams.   During disasters and calamities, media plays an important role.  Careers in Media and Networking need excellent communication abilities, talent, ability to react and deliver quickly, sweet personality, and courage to face challenges.

     In democracy, media and networking has a great role in seeing that people’s rights are protected.  I like them, for what they do for us.  I guess you do too!   So let’s all wish them good luck !

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