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SIMPLE MACHINES - What are those? :
Sometimes we find it hard to do certain works with our hands. So we use simple tools, such as a screwdriver to fix a screw, a hammer to drive a nail or a knife to cut vegetables. These tools make our work easy. These are called machines. These tools are very simple, and do not have too many parts or attachments. So, these are called simple machines.

In one sentence, a machine with few or no moving parts is known as a simple machine.

There are generally six types of simple machines:

1. Lever: A lever is a bar or board which rests on a turning point. Levers are used to lift or move things. Pliers, tongs and nut crackers ares some examples of levers.
2. Pulley:
3. Wheel and axle:
4. Inclined plane:
5. Screw:
6. Wedge:
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