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The greatest credit of making Helen self­reliant went to helen's mother, who was the epitome of encouragement and motivation.Right from her early days,Helen noticed the entire world sitting in her mother's lap.Her mother succeeded in making helen understand a great deal.She learned to distinguish her clothes, do errands, make crude signs and feel all the objects. Her mother stressed on Helen's strength s and did not complain about her depravations.During Helen's temperamental outbursts, there was great understanding on her part.Helen was never alienated, she was always within the family, entartaining guests and making christmas preparations. Helen's mother had read  'American notes,' she had read of the deaf and blind Laura Bridgman, so she never gave up hope for helen's education. Most of the family members doubted if Helen could be educated but her mother persisted in her efforts and finally Miss Sullivan arrived at their door step. Helen's mother never interfered with the innovative methods of Miss Sullivan teaching and providing all the support. She was the lady who could take a firm step also when things turned little ugly at Gilman school, Helen was immedietly withdrawn. Helen's mother tried very hard to make Helen communicate. When Helen learned to speak for the first time , it was her mother, whom she wished to communicate with at first. So Helen's mother remained her greatest strength and her greatest inspiration and Helen had discovered the world, sitting in her mother's lap
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