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These are sour to taste
Acids turn blue litmus red. 
Acids do not change the colour of red litmus. 
With china rose indicator, these give dark pink colour
Acids do not change the colour of turmeric indicato

These are bitter to taste.
Bases do not change the colour of blue litmus.
Bases turn red litmus blue.
Bases give green colour with china rose indicator. 
Bases turn the colour of turmeric indicator to red
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acids are sour in taste. base are bitter on taste. acid turns blue litmus paper red. base turns red litmus paper blue. Acid produces H+ ions in presense of moisture. HCl-------->H+ + Cl- Base produced OH-ions in presence of moisture. NaOH---------->Na+ + OH- Nonmetal oxides are generally acidic in nature. SO2 Metal Oxides are generally basic in nature. Na2O,CaO,CuO
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