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    Kindness is the virtue or golden trait of a human being.  Kindness means to show sympathy to fellow humans and animals and treat them nicely.  Kindness means to be soft and considerate when dealing with oneself and others not as fortunate or as capable.

   Grandparents are very kind.  Parents are kind to some extent.  Often Being kind at heart in these days is not easy.  Selfishness takes more priority.  Still kindness is good to have as it leads to peace of mind.  Ruthlessness is the antonym for kindness.  A government, a ruler or a representative or a manager must be kind to the staff.  Often they are ruthless in making certain decisions.  Being kind is being humanitarian.

   Animals too exhibit kindness in treating their cubs and helping their masters.  Kindness of many wealthy persons and voluntary organizations is surviving millions of poor people in the world.  Often kindness involves sacrificing one's time, effort and money for the sake of others.

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