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In this world of increasing technologies,everyday  we come across some or the other brand new and popular technologies.Some of these are extremely complemented by the upcoming youth,middle-aged people as well as old-aged people.One of these new technologies is internet.Internet has many advantages as well as disadvantages. an advantage is the creation of new social sites.
One of the most famous social sites for today's generation as well as for the the upcoming generations is Facebook. Facebook being a social site is used by several users from the four corners of the world.
as every coin has two sides same is the matter with Facebook.Where there are many advantages of the social networking site,some disadvantages also exist.Facebook as a social networking site has helped to bring this huge entire world into our contact easily by just clicking a button on our keyboard.Also it helps us in searching our friends and acquaintances with whom we have lost our contact  recently or many years ago.
Some disadvantages of fb are-social crimes like kidnapping,sharing personal info with an unknown person can lead to further extreme crimes such as robbery,murder,human trafficking ,etc. it can also9 lead to hacking of important file or important data getting misplaced from our pc(with the help of hacking it is possible),someone's personal aggression against someone can lead him to be a victim of hilarious crimes.
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Social media is harmful to society! Social media is harmful to society. It is. Look at those people who use Facebook. Look at the people with Twitter. Look at the guys with iPhones. How do we know they have iPhones? Because they hold it in front of their faces, texting, and using social media. This is harmful. While YOU could be spending time doing other USEFUL activities, you shouldn't been facing a screen, clicking and chatting
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