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Education is one of the strongest element which can never be destroyed by any human . Education has the power to change the society and can even help in the development . One of the great philosopher said that :- ''Education is the strongest weapon which can change the world '' and I always agree with this statement and I guess it is the best sentence to bring a change in the country for the best results.

Getting an education can be determined as  one of the best reward in today's society , as it is a way to get country economically developed in all terms. Government of India is also trying to make children get free access to education without any complication. Illiterate parents should be also aware of the benefits of education and must make their children get educated.

It might be impossible to make a country get 100 % education , but we must remember that even the word '' impossible '' says- ''I am possible '' . So friends as a citizens , even we must play a crucial role in making children get educated by awarness programmes , highlighting parents the benefits of education etc. It is really very important to make child educated because this can only decide it's future .

Now , the country is getting modernized and civilized  so people must also change their ideas and opinion's and must help the country get developed in all terms .

With this  spirit ,I sum up that {
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