how you will prove that co2 is essential for photosynthesis

you can do the pottasium hydroxide test to prove that plants need carbondioxide.
its a long process.
just google it and if u cant find it just comment here.
i will give you the doc...
he is right KOH absorbs co2 gas


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It is because plants dont absorb any other gas than co2 where photosynthesis takes place only with carbon dioxide or else we would die if plants would have absorbed oxygen.
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the co2 is very important for the plant for making the food for the photosynthesis as without co2 and o2 are very very important for the plant as without that the plant can make the food and will  die.  the plant will die without the approprate value the plant will die ann can't survive............................
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o2 is not important for plant
o2 is important
oxygen is imported for photorespiration