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    Before independence of India, all nationalist political parties and freedom fighters had only one aim, to get independence and to drive the British away.  But once, India gets independence, then what?  Thus what independence means and how we are going to develop our country and people, are important issues.  In this light, during a series of speeches, Deendayal U. made this famous quote.

      A nation creates for itself some social systems (associated cultures).  How we want to live socially is our social culture.   Some of these social systems later become a hindrance to prosperity of the country.  Then we must give up those systems.  As time progresses, those systems may again be useful for us in our future.  Certain cultural practices may not be useful in later phases of a country.  Forcing to stick to the old culture and not being adaptive is a loss of cultural independence.   Indpendence can be summarised as the combination of all elements that create what we are at a particular point in time.   Then we change continuously as the time progresses.  Our culture also changes accordingly.  Not being able to adapt ourselves like this is a loss of cultural independence.  (In Pakistan there is no cultural independence.)

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