Leaders cannot be created, they are born.
Take an example of, Abdul Kalam. He himself became as a scientist, and then, became as the President, and then, the soul of many youngsters.
He had born in a poor family, though he fought himself his own battle in his life, and satisfied his passion.
No one can become as a leader through any kind of processes. They are created. Even if anyone calls you, and teach yo, how to become as a leader, without your interest or desire, you cannot follow it.

Another best example is, even if one is taught how to answer in Brainly, one without the idea of answering perfectly from childhood, cannot answer a question perfectly. This is just an example for answering. But, it is also an example for leaders.
Leaders are not created, they are born. Without any interest from the childhood to become a leader, no can become a leader through any processes.
Thus, I justify this statement.

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