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   BPO is a new type of business that was started about a decade and half ago in India.  It has boomed like a rocket during years 2000 - 2008.  During certain periods there were some ups and downs too in this field.  In the last five years, there

   BPO created a lot of job opportunities for youth who were interested in corporate world and there were not enough jobs available in the technical sector or education sector.  A large proportion of the jobs are held by employees under 30.

   By the very nature of the job, people work on work that is outsourced to a local organization which is a subsidiary of an international organization.  Due to its standards of quality and performance, the employees are always in the best condition.  The work is distributed round the clock with multiple shifts.  So employees work at odd working hours other than from 9 to 5.

   Many employees spend usually 11 to 12 hours from home to office and back again at home.  Due to odd hours of working and the nature of work being on the computer, people have difficulty in getting a good mental rest when they sleep.  Some persons have to sleep during the day when other works also need to be done.  There could be disturbance from neighbours and house members if there is not a separate room for the person.

    The sleeping pattern is completely disturbed for many who work in night shifts.  When they take vacation and attend some functions at friend's places, there would be difficulty in managing sleep.  The impact is that youth do not get to sleep as much as they need to sleep for a good rest.  Some youth working at BPO probably sleep two times with a short break in between.

    In addition to the timings of office, there are tensions too in the job.   Staring at the computer monitor, the need to act quickly and in real time, the size of text on the screen, having to worry about the transport etc.  makes a person to worry and get headaches.  Thus the sleep is affected.

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