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You have asked for  "why"  only  and not how to conserve.. is that right ?

       Fuel is coal, oil, gas, wood or some organic matter that gives heat energy on combustion.  Burning of fuel in air is combustion.  Fossil fuels are the natural resources : coal, oil (petroleum), gas that form under Earth's surface from dead plants, organisms, and animals.  Fossil fuels are formed over a long duration naturally.  Synthetic fuels are made from existing chemicals using special processes.  But, they are not economical yet.  Certain sources like Solar energy and atomic energy are not yet serving the needs of the world.  So there is a need to save fossil fuels.

Reasons for Conservation:

      Conventional Fuels are limited, exhaustible and non-renewable resources on Earth.  Even the fuels we manufacture are made from natural resources and use electricity to make them.  Current is produced using fossil fuels.  Inefficient burning fuels causes pollution and global warming issues.  Natural reserves are depleted earlier.  It takes a long time for the fossil fuels like thousands of years to form fuels in a slow natural process.  Further, the eco-system balance is undone.  Future generations face fuel shortage.

    The government spends substantial tax money in subsidies over fuel.  Fuel saved is money saved.  It is as much as thousands of crores.  Due to pollution our air and water bodies become unhygienic.  Our health is indirectly affected.  Ozone layer is perforated due to CFC (chlorofluoro Carbons).  So Less fuel burnt enables Ozone layer to protect us better.

    Moreover, we import fuels.  We pay foreign currency to get it.  Fuels make India and Indian economy dependent on other countries.  That is not desirable at all.  Save fuel and energy as a compulsory obligation to our society.  It is our responsibility as a citizen.  Population is growing and more and more people are having purchase power to buy vehicles and appliances that use fuels directly or indirectly.  So the fuels are depleting faster than envisaged a decade ago.

     Having a financial status to spend as much fuel as wanted, should not be the attitude.  It should be a single aim to help the nation and help oneself in letting our future generations to use fuels.
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