1st stanza of the poem,the poet, while walking on an autumn day in a forest where the leaves have changed to yellow, must choose between two paths that head in different directions.
In the 2nd stanza, He regrets that he cannot follow both roads, but since that is not possible, he pauses for a long while to consider his choice.

In the 3rd stanza, One road seems preferable. However, he has decided that the paths are roughly equivalent. Later, he tries to cheer himself up by reassuring himself that he will return someday and walk the other road.

In the 4th stanza, he resumes his tone of sorrow and regret. He realizes that he will never return to walk the alternate path, and he considers how the choice he must make now will look to him in the future. He believes that when he looks back years later, he will see that he had actually chosen the “less traveled” road. He also thinks that he will later realize what a large difference this choice has made in his life.