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With technological progress , our demands for energy increases day by day . Our life - style are also changing , we use machines to do more and to do more of our tasks . Our basic requirements are also increasing as industrialisation increases  improves our living standards . As our demand for the energy increases , we need to look for more and more sources of energy . We could develop  the technology to use the available or known sources of energy more efficiently and also look to new source of energy . So in today's modern society , I guess that solar energy can be regarded as the best sources of energy , which can be used to save energy for the future needs too. We all know  that , sun has been radiating an enormous  amount of energy at the present rate for nearly 5 billion years and I hope it would continue till the end . Only a small part of solar energy reaches the outer layer of the earth's atmosphere and therefore why can't we use this to energy to produce electricity and yes, it is possible to do it only by the concept solar energy .

Solar energy , one of the best renewable energy which can be used to generate electricity and can be helpful in conserving energy for the future need too but we must remember that we must use our energy wisely and efficiently , so that the next generation people can enjoy the part of energy .

It is quite fortunate that , India recieves solar energy for greater part of the year and hence many Indian citizens used to built solar panel on their rooftops to use the heat energy to convert then into electrical energy . However , still people don't understand the values of energy and hence it is making even more worse . People must understand the value of energy and must use it wisely .

Solar energy has highly benefits and can be regarded as the best source of energy till now because it neither harms the atmosphere nor pollutes the surroundings , so the country which recieves a high amount sun energy must build solar energy to satisfy their basic need. 

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