A best friend is someone whom you share all the things ...they don't keep secrets between them... And you will be closest friends.... A friend is also almost like a best friend but not that close...with your best friend you will share all your problems and your best friend will know every favorite thing about you....but instead of your best friend there is a friend means he/she will not know much about you...
Friend is a one who just help us and play with us . 
   best friend  is a one who never say us no for any dam thing 
they fight for us either  we are wrong or wright 
even a best friend is one who always we with us ..............
even a best friend is one to whom we can share our felling 
even if we have any personal problem we go to our best friend only ..................
we never say thantyou  to them because we think they our brother or sister 
at last there are many  think which one best friend  have 
                                           not a  friend .
a friend in need a friend in did .
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