You are at home,in no mood to walk out after a tiresome day or partying in your appartment with some friends.You are hungry,cooking is not an option.You 'll think of home delivery,the first thing in mind of many like me will be domino's.They just market it so much and so well.There's also a uniformity around.I live in delhi,but have the pizza in Mumbai,it still has more or less the same quality and taste.
More than their pizza,it's about their Marketing and Service.
Secondly,I like to health conscious snd only have junk once in a while.And in our lifestyle,our native foods are pretty regular so when we go out,we want to have something different.I am a Punjabi,and my Mom makes the best parathas I have ever had,why would I go out when I do and pay for it at a restaurant?
Third,but not definetly the least,they  have outlets almost everywhere.Look around in any mall or shopping complex amd you 'll find them.

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Indian people like Western food as they feel tired of eating same kind of food eveeyday so Western food adds a variety to their food. We feel much better after relishing different foods.