1) take a pastel sheet.
1) fold the pastel sheet half.
2) inside it , on one side, write your feelings to your teacher.
3) on other side make some drawings and decorate it with stars mirrors etc.
4) outside,make a attractive drawing,such as a crown butterfly or a flower.
5) color the background.
6) write your name at the backside.
                                                  YOUR CARD IS READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You first take a card or thickness chart and you first put outine for four corners from any colours and you can fold a card for example book and you can write front
page " this card for you miss or madam it's my personal opinion for you miss"
you can paste some colour papers , mirros , stones and put design on your

    your card is ready to present to your teacher
 i hope this useful for you