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    Friends, I have a tough subject today to speak on, that is, people.  Well, we make people and are part of the people.  People refers to a group of family members, friends, persons in a society, city, country or the world.  People have useful common characteristics.

    People have the power to raise one person high and go down.  It depends on the liking that people develop.  There are academic subjects that deal with the aggregate behaviour, response, strength, weakness etc., of people.  We need to respect people whether they are rich or poor, and whether we like them or not.  In a society we have to live in harmony among people.
     Democracy is for the people, of the people and by the people.  Socialism and communism aim to benefit common man.  Political leaders, VIPs, celebrities try to attract and make an impression on people at every opportunity they get.

    We must be part of people while maintaining our own individuality.  People all over the world are getting wiser and wealthier day by day.  So we must work hard, get wiser and be wealthier in future.

    We have to be careful with people, be humble, helpful and grateful to them for the opportunities we get to serve them.  Remember if we are good they are good with us.  Be a Roman in Rome.
We should not be an odd man out but a good model.  Mahatma Gandhiji said that we should treat people at lower level than us with kindness and care. How we treat them exhibits our nature and conduct.

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