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Leaders are not created, they are born.
This statement is true because, one cannot make a person who is wishing to become a photographer., as an engineer.
I would like to say this from a story which is from an movie. Please lend your ears.
There is one person, who is good at photographing. He likes to photograph all the best things in his life, and he loves animals. But, his father's wish is to make him as an engineer. He had gone into the college because of his father, and his marks. His father arranged him many tuition for that. But, he will be the topper, when one counts from the last.
His father's wish is to make him the topper, when one reads a list from the top. But, he is always in the last place. Then, he convinced his father, and became as a photographer.

For what i'm telling this story in this article is to tell you that, one cannot become a cricketer without interest from his birth. They are born, and they cannot be made through any processes. If Sachin was compelled to become as a musician, then his life will be spoiled. His passion is cricketing. So, I am saying you that,
The leaders are not made, they are born. It is not for only leaders, but also for even the common people's aim/goal.

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