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Friendship is the most important thing during our teenage years because friends are the people who will understand each other at the most turbulent phase in their lives. During the teenage years, one finds that they cannot talk to their parents and want distance from their family. Friends become a surrogate family because they not only care and empathize but also refrain from judging the person for their actions as they are also going through a similar state of turmoil. ​Teenagers require compassion and understanding, both of which are short in supply or sometimes completely absent when it comes to the equation with their parents. The latter forget that it is a phase when kids are growing through physical, emotional and psychological changes and they need constant care and support. The communication gap arises out of the generation gap and things go downhill from that point. Teenagers do want to talk about things but they often find their parents talking at them rather than talking to them. The former means their parents are just passing on advice without really listening to the teenagers but that should not be the case. Parents and teenagers should have a conversation where there are contributions from both sides.
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