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''Independence can be only meaningful only if it becomes instrument for expression of our culture '' said by a great saint named Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya. Yes , I do agree with this statement . In today's modern society , everyone ought to look stylish and handsome and hence they tend to choose the western culture rather than our Indian culture . They just want to outshine other's by their western culture in terms of dressing , Manners , tradition , living style and what not . Due to  modernization in our country ,  Young teenagers forget those sacrifices made by our great Indian freedom Fighters  who made a independent and a free India . Now , we've got rid of those nincompoop Britishers , who made Indian people's as their slaves and they invaded the whole India  , which was extremely desolated and sorrowful .

But , We are quite fortunate that, God has send those great freedom fighters such as Mahatma Gandhi , Baghat Singh , Lal Bahadur Shastri , Subash Chandra Bose  etc  to this vast land , who's main objective was to get freedom in India and hence I guess  this was the only reason why the Almighty has sent them to this world ,and atlast they made their dreams come too and at last we've got freedom in 15 August 1947 and I really salute their  sacrifices which leaded to freedom in India .

Now , we live merrily and peacefully in this great land ,  but still we forgot our culture and their value . Despite those sacrifices of our great freedom fighters to make India free , still we do not respect and follow our cuture though we live happily without being slave's of the might Britishers . Now , it's time to change ourselves , We must take an oath that we will forget the sacrifices of our great Indian freedom fighter's and we would respect and follow our Indian culture rather than other . 

We are very fortunate to be born in a free India , instead in the colonial period . Then why don't we follow our culture , though no one is gonna stop us or harm us . Our country is rich in culture but we still follow lack of faith in God , going to pubs at night's, having drugs and alcohols etc . This things make India to forget it's culture and their values and hence it continues on... Now , let us stop following western culture , and start follow our Indian culture . Let us celebrate our Indian festivals with full of joy and happiness and stop wasting our precious time in accepting the western culture .
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   My opinion is in agreement with Pandit's opinion.  It is good in principle and implementation.  But I add some thing to that.

     To me, Independence is a having to be able to select and do what I want do what I like.  Independence is do work productively without pressures from sides.  Independence is to be able to go through with life and what I like about life, without external supervision that controls me tightly, instead of guiding to accomplish what I try to achieve. 

   Independence is to be able to express my culture which evolves over a time.  However, I know that I am dependent on the society, family members and friends for various needs of mine.  So obviously my independence has to be in harmony with those with whom I am connected or related.

   Independence is a luxury and privilege and not all can enjoy it very well.  Not all can make a good cause towards development.  So I would say, Independence for those who can value it and use it for progress, it is to  be given.  But for those who are children or those who cannot use it for better, or for those who have a risk of getting themselves in danger, it is not so advisable. Guided independence is better.
Pandit's opinion:

     Before independence, all nationalist political parties and freedom fighters had only one aim, to get independence and to drive the British away.  But once, India gets independence, then what?  Thus what independence means and how we are going to develop our country and people, are important issues.  During his speeches, Deendayal U. made this famous quote.

     Culture is the set of practices in a social system.  We have a culture for normal life style, economical culture, political culture and business culture.  Bhaarat, our country, has a special culture called Bharatiya culture.  Its main feature is that it looks upon life as an integrated whole, as against the Western, where life is treated as many parts which are patched together.  It means that all phases of life are well thought of with a good transition.  So Indian culture is the one suitable for us.

   He firmly advocated that "one culture policy" is the policy that can preserve the unity and integrity of India and solve all our problems.  Two culture policy, advocated by some others, is not suitable.  So as a nationalist we choose our culture to follow and also because our culture is in our very nature and blood.  Our culture is implicitly there with us.

   Independence is intimately related to one's own culture.  What one means by independence is dependent on one's traditions, religion, life style, behaviour, history, principles etc.  Independence is being able to do what one wishes by the means one likes.  People should not be forced by the government or by other agencies to follow one culture.  Thus political parties asking for political independence must take this into account.  If they don't do so, the independence movement is nothing but a fight for take-over of the ruling power by a few power-greedy persons.  So independence  must give a freedom for each person to express his/her culture.  It should not be curtailed.  Only then, indpendence of India will contribute to our progress in future.  India consists of only Bharatiya culture underneath all diversity and plurality.

        A nation creates for itself some social systems (associated cultures).  How we live socially is our social culture.  Some of these social systems later become a hindrance to prosperity of the country.  Then we must give up those systems.  As time progresses, those systems may again be useful for us in our future.  Certain cultural practices may not be useful in later phases of a country.  Forcing to stick to the old culture and not being adaptive is a loss of cultural independence.  Independence can be summarized as the combination of all elements that create what we are at a particular point in time.  Then we change continuously as the time progresses.  Our culture also changes accordingly.  Not being able to adapt ourselves like this is a loss of cultural independence.  (In Pakistan there is no cultural independence.)

  So along with political independence, people of India must have cultural independence too.  Otherwise, its as bad as not getting independence from British.

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