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    Help is the assistance, cooperation that is extended from a person to another. Sometimes some persons are unable to do certain things.  At that time some one needs to give some hand to them so that they can accomplish the task.  For example small children need help for going to school, for dressing themselves, for buying books for them etc.  It is understandable that children need such assistance and parents take care of that.

  When one person is in difficulty or faces a problem, he can request some person to assist him in solving it.  He could also pray to God to take him out of trouble.  Then he could wait until some assistance comes his way and puts him out the trouble.  It is possible that some one heeds to him and comes forward.  Some friend may help quickly.  In these days, every one has a busy schedule.  So it is possible also that one may have to wait for some time and perhaps it may be late by the time someone helps.

   Self help is the help that one person extends to himself/herself.  If one knows how to go about the solution, it is best to do so.  Waiting may never end, in case one does not have sufficient luck.  In case one is unable to help oneself, he could explore some ways of getting out of the  difficulty.  What is important and needed is not to sit idle and wait indefinitely.  The attempt to solve one's problems by oneself, whenever possible, must be done.

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