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    Threads are the common things between the two.  They form a basis for cooperation and friendship.  They come together for development.  They fight against threats to their cultures, histories, and literature.

1.  Both regions are considered as underdeveloped countries in terms of many indices.  People in rural an tribal areas are very poor.

2.  It seems that advanced countries steal traditional medicinal secrets from India and Africa.  Then they develop medicines and then claim as their own through an IPR.  This is called Biopiracy.

3.  Destruction of Heritage Monuments in the internal fights and conflicts from cross border.  There are some cross cultural fights.

4.  Disowning of Ancient local practices by youth and children, due to influence of foreign education, media and films.

5. Cricket is common sport that is enjoyed by spectators in both regions.

6.  Poverty, hunger, illiteracy and backwardness among people at the grass root level.

6.  Diminishing importance of local languages.  Influence of extern cultures, literature, institutions conflicting with the local ones.

7.  Social rights of children and women are violated in these regions.  Also seen are abuses of children's rights.

8.  Both regions work for World Peace and no war.  They are members of the United Nations, Non Aligned Movement, Common Wealth and Indo-African cooperation  bodies.  World bank and UNO bodies aid them for development.

9.  Religion is one practice that is respected in these regions.

10.  People of both countries were enslaved for a long duration.  They had the culture in living in big families and valuing their family traditions.

11.  People of these regions are after getting technologies and modernization. India helps Africa in Telecom and information technology area.

12.  These regions have been inhabited for a long long time before other continents.  So there is a long history and well evolved traditions of living that are suit local living.  Preserving the rich long history is a touch task.

13.  Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela followed similar fight against the British for Independence.  Satyagraha and nonviolence is respected in these regions.

14.  People of both countries are treated as Color skinned.

15.  There are many areas in which India and African countries can do business and trade.

16.  Nearness to Equator.  Having tropical forests.

17.  People are agriculture based.  Both regions have rich folk and village based literature.  Both cultures are similar in the sense that they are different from those of Advanced countries.

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