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  Media is the channel for people learn and exchange information.  Media is the mediator between us and technological world, celebrities, officials, politicians, sportsmen and film worlds.  Some of us start their day with a newspaper or a radio.  Media include newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and Internet.

    Networking means being in a close touch and interaction with near and dear, friends, relatives, colleagues from all over the world.  The objective is to know about each other and be a cohesive group together.

   Advances in technology have changed the way people interact.  Social media and networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Yahoo, Google+, Youtube, whatsapp, messenger sites, tweeter etc. allow people to quickly receive and exchange important information from any where.  Educational sites like Brainly facilitate collaborative and interactive learning for good.

    Social networking costs a bit but the young learn useful skills.  Discussions on social issues and current affairs alerts people against any adversities.  People greet their friends on important anniversary days.

   Criminals and Scamsters fear Media and networking, as they fight against cheating and exploitation.  Now quick networking of people makes the media very powerful. Advertisements allow companies to sell their products.  During disasters media play important roles.  Media persons risk their lives to bring out scams into light.

Negative sides:
   Some times media may focus on on irrelevant stuff and faked news.  Cheaters trap innocent with fake identities.  There are viruses ready to attack our devices.  Connection to Internet, TV etc. may be expensive and some times these sites become an addiction and time consuming too.

    There are many employment opportunities for those with excellent communication abilities and sweet personalities.  Media is the most important in a country after the government, judiciary and the law for protecting people.  Media allow us to learn and progress.

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