The Gandhian strategy is the combination of truth, sacrifice, non- violence, selfless service and cooperation. According to Gandhi one should be brave and not a coward. He should present his views, suggestions and thoughts without being violent. One should fight a war with the weapons of truth and non violence. Gandhi said that “There is no god higher than truth.” According to Gandhi’s thoughts, non- violence is ultimate solution of every kind of problem in the world. In present scenario, Satyagraha is more than a political tool of resistance. It is a holistic approach towards life, based on the ideals of truth and moral courage. The similarities of the Satyagraha to some of the greatest philosophical and religious tenets of the world have been observed and much written about.  Gandhi’s system of Satyagraha was based on nonviolence, non co-operation, truth and honesty. Gandhi used non violence in India’s freedom struggle as main weapon and India became independent from British rule. In present times, there are some live examples which show the success of Non- violence resistance by using Ghandhian strategy. Mahatma Gandhi was against any form of exploitation and injustice. According to him, evils must be opposed at any cost. But he insisted that the weapons must be non violent and moral ones. The adoption of peaceful method made one superior and put the enemy at a disadvantage but the condition is the opponent must be dealt with mutual respect and love. Gandhi believed that only through love an enemy could be permanently won.
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