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Humor leads to wisdom, as humor makes one to laugh, and makes one to stay active for a long time. Lochana, better you say a story based on the humor and wisdom. In a company, a girl named lochana(the asker of this question, and lochana, u can change the name in the story), works. She was a new comer, and the other people who works with her, didn't like her. They kept on teasing her. But, lochana will always relaxes after coming to home; by watching jokes, playing with children, and babies. Thus, each day, she was more and more confident and active.She will always jokes at any situations to keep her calm. Thus, she overcame the difficulties, and she became the leader for a project. Thus, this story relates humor and wisdom, as her humor lead her to be a brilliant girl. It is because of humorous attitude, she became a leader. Hence, humor and wisdom are co-related.
You can say this story, and hence conclude.
Thanks for giving me to answer for you lochana.
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