The following points may help you to write an essay:

a. You may refer to historical experiences of both India and Africa in terms of how they were colonies and were subjected to discrimination and subjugation.
b. Then in your essay refer to freedom struggle of India and you may take up for instance South Africa , how people in the country suffered oppression under the apartheid regime.
c. Then refer to similarities between culture, cuisine, music between India and Africa

d. Refer to tribal culture of both the regions, as both have significant tribal population.

e. Then in your essay refer to the great bio diversity of the region in terms of how both are rich in flora and fauna.

f. As far as literature is concerned both regions earlier developed the art of oral literature.

g. Poetry, folk tales,ritual verse, hymns were part of both the regions.

h. The literature of both regions have been divided into colonial and post colonial . 
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