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1.The government can lease lands for farming. This will increase the employment, as well as it will increase the crop production.
2. The central government can introduce more employment schemes, like the earlier scheme of employment for 100 days.
3. The government must take responsibility to give a job for every graduate.
4. The rural people must given a chance to work in government jobs, i.e., the graduates of the rural area; by allocating reservations for them.
5. BE making awareness of different jobs, to the rural people. This will make them to search for job, and the reservations will increase their income.
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The five ways to increase employment and income are as follows.
1- If we are starting new business then we can give work to peoples who are in need and unemployed.
2- Government should create job oppurtunites so educated people didnt left to earn.
3- We can increase an income by using machinaries . so our time can be save.
4- Industrialist can also create job opportunities and government can establish a firms and create employment opportunities.
5- For increasing income we can use machinaries as well as trained workers so we can do our work fast asmuch as possible.
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