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Dear mom ,
                 Hey , Ma ! How are you and how's your health ? Well, Mom I am fine here , but I am missing you so much . I am glad to live in New York , but I am seriously missing my great country India and my great and elegant  mom . Mom your sacrifices all always exquisite which made me to scale new heights in my life . 
                Mom , I extremely appolozise for not attending your birthday as I was quite busy with my daily work . I requested my boss to give leave for three days , but he gave no more leave as I have to further continue with my work . 
                 Despite not attending your birthday party , I've sended you an inestimable gift just for you, through courier . Please accept my gift and I hope you would pardon me soon . 
                  Waiting for your reply ..............................

Yours lovingly,

Radha nagar,

Dear mom,
Hi ma. How are you?? I am fine with sorrow. I hopew you are fine.
I feel very sorry for my mistake. 
But don't hate me after reading this letter. I had gone to see a movie with my friends without your knowing, and one time I said wrongly about my marks to you. I scored only 40 marks in maths, but I said you that it is 80. I once again feel sorry for my mistake. Hope you will absolve.
Hereafter, I will not say any incorrect marks to you, and I will not go to any movies without your knowing. 
                                                                                                   With sorry,
Address on the envelope
    Mrs.Poojan Ork,
    Gandhi Street,
Can I know what is going her- lifeislife!!!