Rajiv Gandhi was the promising son of the well-known former Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. He was born on August 20, 1944. He received his education in India and abroad. He married Sonia, an Italian. He had one son and one daughter.Although Rajiv Gandhi was new to politics, yet he was an expert politician. In the general elections of December 1984, his party won with great majority in the Parliament. It was all due to his efforts that he won with greater majority.Rajiv Gandhi was a perfect leader. He never lost his courage in any circumstance. He was a man with determination. If he decided anything, he stuck to his ground firmly. The country felt safe in his hands.Rajiv Gandhi was the person who dreamt about IT and computerisation of the country.This great son of India fell to the assassin's bullet, like his mother, on May 21, 1991, near Madras at Sriperumbudur. He sacrificed his life for preserving the unity and integrity of India. He was really the most beloved son of India.