1. Describe the incident which sparked the revolution?
2. Who were the Sans Culottes?
3. For modernising France which two laws were enforced by napoleon Bonaparte?
.4 What decisive factor led to fall of napoleon?
5. What role did philosophers play in outbreak of French revolution?
6. Explain the role of Napoleon Bonaparte as an emperor of France in 1804 and also explain important contribution of French revolution to the world?



2. those jacobins who were without knee breeches and who wore red caps to symbolize liberty were known as Sans - Culottes.
4. trying to invade russia but actually going in there and failing. His hold over all of Europe depended on the intact return of the Grand Army that he put together from that campaign. when he lost his army due to the elements and being forced to retreat from Moscow by the impending lack of supply. when his army was thus destroyed he lost the one thing keeping the monarchs of Europe in check and they declared war. it is true that he still gathered a second army and fought on and had victories, but from the failed Russian campaign it was all downhill, the battle of Leipzig can be identified as the point of no return, as the monarchs were now together and out to get him.
3. protection of private property and a uniform systemof weight and measures provided by the decimal system
1. Due to bad harvest, the price of bread rose and the bakers hoarded supply. The angry women who could not get bread even after standing in the queues for a long hours stormed into the shop. the king ordered troops. On 14th july the agitated crowd stormed and destroyed the bastille
5. Locke sought to refute the doctrine of divine and absolute right of the Monarch in his book "2 treaties of govt."
Rousseau carried the idea of Locke forward, proposing a form of government based on social contact between people and their representatives.
Montesquieu proposed a division of power within the government betwwn legislative, the executive and the judiciary

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