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the story journey by night mainly emphasizes on the brotherly love of sher singh, a young and courageous boy living in the vicinity of the forest. when he realizes that his brother kunwar has reached the edges of death he volunteers to carry him to the forest all alone. he took up this challenging task all alone as there weren't anyone around to come to his mother's aid. his father had gone for a photographic expedition along with all the men of laldwani village who accompanied him as beaters.
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This story mainly comprises of a brave brother named sher singh....who risks his life to save his brother.he is a brave,courageous and selfless boy.he is said to be so bcoz when his brother was suffering from serious stomach ache,he couldn't see dat anymore and decided to take his brother to the hospital which was far away from their hut in the perform this action he had to undergo through a journey at night through the forest.on his way he met several obstacles but finally he was successful in taking his little brother to the hospital....hope i helped u:)