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First u say about u- ur name and class.Then, start with what is an adventure.
An adventure is an exciting experience, it is a unexpected thrilling experience.
Then, u may say ur adventure or a thrilling incident, which is unforgettable.
One day, my parents went out for a marriage function, in the evening. I was all alone in my house.
A sudden storm blew. I was afraid of it. I suddenly opened the door. It was raining heavily. Two men came into the house. They tied me to an end, and tried to act with me in a wrong way. By the time, I phoned the police. When I finished speaking half, the y bagged the mobile, and switched it off. They bet me. By the time, the nearby people went to the police, and brought them, and saved me. This was an unforgettable adventure in my life.
This was the story which u may tell s ur adventure or a thrilling monent in ur life.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak.
Hope this will help you.