A student is a person who has to wake up early and go to school and study. sometimes his days will be boring and sometimes interesting and exciting. there will be many classes and he may do some mischief in those classes which he finds boring and he will be good as gold in classes he finds exciting the teacher may scold but his friends will be there to console him. in the lunch break everybody will start sharing their lunch and will be talking, when his school finishes, his day finishes at school and at home he comes and starts doing his h.w but will never tell what bad things happened to him. if the teacher would have appreciated him then only he will say. this is the day in a students life.
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A student's life is hard , fun, exciting and wonderful. student wakes up early forcefully as if he does not mother will scold and he will be late. she goes to school studies sometimes gets low marks in test or sometimes high in test. she may get scolding from teacher for mischief and sometimes appreciation from teacher for good work and attitude.
she may get a gold medal in subject. her friends would always help her and some friends may try to cheat her. but her best friend would always console a best friend in need is  a friend indeed. then may eat icecream outside the school while boarding the bus then play in bus.shall return home but may never tell her bad days in school to her mom but the good ones she will tell. this  is a day  of a student

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