You should conserve fuel becoz.
Our world is running out of fuel soo fast 
you cant imagine the largest producer of fuel irn saud arbia are in danger (ISIS)
so u should conserve fuel
u can conserve by  using fueless vehicles like cycle,battery car
they are enviroment friendly 
dont pollute 
u should use cycles to conserve fuel
Save Fuel Save Future!! 
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We should conserve fuel, because it gets depleting nowadays. So, it is our duty to conserve it. If we fails to conserve the fuel, then the next generation will suffer, with lack of fuel. So, we must organize the use of fuel.

How can we conserve the fuel??

We can use public transports more, instead of using personal vehicles like bikes.
We can use cycles, battery vehicles,etc.. 
Many use motor bikes for nearby shops, cycles may be used for it. We must conserve the fuel as it takes millions of years to form, and it leads high temperature to form.
Also, the more release of fumes from the vehicles, will spoil and deplete the Ozone layer.
Thank you.